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福州好料 Fuzhou Hoo Liew

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福州手工面线 Handmade Fuzhou Mee Shua

Ingredients : Wheat Flour, Salt, Vegetable Oil & Tapioca Flour

煮法:将面线放入沸水中煮 1-2 分钟,然后捞起再冰镇,放进已调好汤料里,即可食用。
Cooking Method : Put the Mee Shua in boiling water for 1 to 2 minutes. Darin off water and rinse with cold water and it is ready to be served with soup.


The hand-made FuZhou Mee Sua is a distinct noodles in FuZhou area. Each year, on the 1st day of Chinese Lunar New Year, the people would eat a bowl of steaming hot Red Wine Mee Sua which signifies health & longevity. The method of making this type of Mee Sua is crafted intricately. After 9-hours of making the noodles by hammering, rising the dough, slitting, twisting, skewering, drying & finally pulling the noodles, the  thickness of such Mee Sua has elasticity. Once the noodles is boiled in a wok, it is easily digestible & absorbable.  A word worth mentioning is that irrespective of whether the noodles is thick or fine, it is not easily broken. It is not muddy-like when cooked. No preservative has been added. It's a healthy & delicious noodles. When you eat FuZhou Mee Sua,  it reminisces childhood memory - a closeness in heart !