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(Malaysia Distributor) BeeBoard H Series - Intelligent Interactive Flat Panel (IFP)

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BeeBoard unites whiteboard and touch TV (IFP) which creates a learning landscape that optimizes conversional teaching experience and effective interactive learning. With an inbuilt Android and Intel Windows PC, it offers a variety of features and tools to enhance learning. Lesson recording is just a touch away. Notes taking is redundant as student can pay full attention during lesson, PDF notes and video recording is ready right before class end.

BeeBoard 巧 妙 的 结 合 了 白 板 与 互 动 电 子 板 的 优 点,让 传 统 教 学 及 数 码 互 动 学 习 二 合 为 一。内 置 安 卓 及 视 窗 操 作 系 统,提 供 即 简 单 又 实 用 的 教 学 及 学 习 体 验。老 师 轻 轻 点 击 便 可 自 动 录 制 整 个 教 学 过 程,PDF 笔 记 和 教 学 视 频 可 在 下 课 前 通 过 不 同 的 管 道 分 享 给 学 生。上 课 时 学 生 就 无 需 做 笔 记,可 以 全 神 贯 注 听 课。

Students will see everything on the vibrant display. Choose from the 4K Ultra HD HDR 65”, 75” and 86” models, offering all the features of a pen and touch-driven interactive whiteboard with the simplicity and elegance of a state of-the-art, ultra-high definition display.

The Android display enables the class to share, create, and capture their work with mirroring, annotation over video, and whiteboard features. Bringing collaboration from the front row to the last. Options to install on mobile-stand or wall-mount makes setup even easier.


Simple and effortless with Pen, Palm and Touch, the Natural User Interface makes working with the BeeBoard as instinctive as possible. Feeling creative? Grab the digital pen. Made a mistake? Your palm is the eraser. Supports Windows Ink in Microsoft Office to make interaction more seamless than ever


Create collaborative and one-to-one learning opportunities that leave no student behind. Mirror up-to four devices on the display; or cast what’s on-screen to the entire class. BeeBoard puts your content front and center, allowing your students to virtually hold your front-of-class display in the palm of their hands.


Includes the dynamic BeeNote™ classroom software, which together enable collaboration and assessment at the front of the room or on almost any device.


H6 H7 H8
Size 65" + 43" 75" + 60" 86" + 65" + 65"
Display Area (mm) ?? x ?? ?? x ?? ?? x ??
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Glass 7H - 4mm Tempered
Anti-Glare Glass Yes
Resolutions (pixels) 3840 x 2160
Refreshing Freq 60Hz
Screen Type TFT-LCD
Backlight Direct LED
Half-life (hours) 16:9


1. One unit MimioFrame
2. Two Writing Pens
3. One unit three meters USB Cable
4. MimioFrame Software
5. Light Pen Plus Digital Whiteboard - Annotation anywhere on any software
6. MimioStudio Classroom Software - Powerful collaboration and classroom assessment software that allows teacher to create interactive lesson in under 5 minutes.

MimioStudio software–so easy to use and engaging, your teachers will use it every day.

The MimioFrame touch board kit includes the dynamic MimioStudio classroom software. It connects the Boxlight products, so using other tools—from the document camera to the pen tablet—is quick and easy. MimioStudio software allows educators to create interactive lessons and collaborative activities, as well as perform real-time formative assessment. The software also opens other IWB activities, enabling educators to use the interactive content they already have. Take learning a step further with our MimioMobile app, which brings group learning and collaboration to almost any device.

With 19 years of experience in Education Industry, we are confident that MimioFrame is the ultimate answer to all educators, conforming the product quality, simple and accurate technology, extensive software and hardware support, with affordable pricing. We are Malaysia Distributor and looking for genuine dealers in town and city across every state. Contact +60 12-545 1300 for details. Thank you!

Proofread and special appreciation to Yit Wei & teacher Lee Eei :)