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JJ Vege - 100% Organic Durian

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Green Acres Orchard is a 16-acre organic fruit farm in Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia. Sustainably farmed for the last 70 years, Green Acres does not use chemical fertilisers, pesticides or insecticides on the farm, minimising pollution to the surrounding environment. All produces are organically grown using own-made compost fertilizers.

Balik Pulau, the rural and rustic region at the heart of Penang island, is a reputed durian connoisseur's paradise. Green Acres has over 450 matured durian trees with over 35 different durian varieties.

Older trees, between 80-100 years old, bear fruits which are exquisite in taste, like aged wine. Durians are in season between June to August. At other times in the year, the farm is open for private orchard tours where the owners share their knowledge and experience in fruit farming, organic composting, building sustainable homes and the heritage of Balik Pulau orchards.

Green Skin ★ ★ ★ ★  ( 25 May - 20 July )
A Penang durian (cheh poay literally means green skin in Hokkien). It’s designated as D145 and other popular names include Cheh Poay, Cheh Kak, Durian Hijau and Tuan Mek Hijau or Durian Beserah. It has creamy yellow flesh which is slightly dry (in a good way). This particular Green Skin only had 4 sections, each having two (2) very uniform seeds for a total of 8.

Kunpoh Angbak ★ ★ ★ ★  ( 1 May - 15 July )

Xiao Hong ★ ★ ★ ★ ( 12 May - 15 July )
A type of durian that is not for the beginner. With every mouthful, you get a slight hint of raw onions and when you wash it down with water, there's a very tiny bit of wasabi sting to the tongue. It is also sweet with a nice layer of membrane close to the seed itself.
小红榴:莲俗称 “红肉仔”,也叫 “细刺红肉”,是用坤宝红肉的种子培植出来的卓越品种。虽然它的外表娇小,但它拥有实厚的果肉。果肉金黄色,s清甜润滑,味道香浓。一般上越名种的榴莲,越不容易种植,要有很好的管理技术,才能生產出色、香、味俱全的名种榴莲,味道甘甜浓郁,让人迷恋.

D604 ★ ★ ★ ( 1 May - 5 July )

Deep yellow flesh was sweet and sticky, and imparted a strong fragrance. There was a slight bitter after taste.

JJ Vege Vision

We are committed to provide fresh, organically grown and chemical free vegetables and fruits for your healthy life style. 我们致力于为您提供新鲜的、有机生长、无农药的蔬菜和水果,打造健康自然的生活方式。

With the resources generated we provide sustainable support for the poor and needy. 所赚取的盈利将用于帮助贫困及有需要的群体。